We love to bring new ways to recycle, reuse, reduce & support living sustainably & chic!

Bartering. The oldest form of buying and selling and now more relevant in 2010 then ever before! Brought to you by the folks at Super Market Creative + Creative Mafia, Swap Miami is an eco-chic shopping event based on you getting new duds and/or home decor for free while helping others!

What's the catch?

Well...once you de-clutter your closet or house, you get to swap your gently worn and used clothing, accessories, home decor or accent furniture pieces for "kind-of" "one-of-a-kind"' items only available at Swap Miami!

We pride ourself on our motto, "Always Fresh!' and we mean it. We will only be accepting quality items! Together with some of Miami's fashion stylists, furniture designers and retailers, we will appraise your items for Swap Miami so you can swap your goods!

The best part of Swap Miami is that all the left over goods are donated to charity. That's the point of it! Be ready to let go, de-clutter, simplify, donate, receive. Trés Chic.

Swap Miami, our stuff is your stuff and your stuff is everyone's stuff.

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